If you can find the lost bone in the image, you are an excellent observer

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Brain teasers give readers a good opportunity to try and check their IQ. This optical illusion will help you discover how observant and accurate is your concentration.

You just need to try your luck. Here is a beautiful picture depicting a view how a dog and his owner try to find a bone.

The dog is desperate as he is hungry and the bone is not seen obviously. It was the right time of their playtime.

Bith if them enjoyed their time in the park. The task of the test is to check a person’s intelligence and give a chance to act smartly and quickly.

Trying to solve the optical illusion in groups will make it easy for you to understand and solve the hazardous task easily.

This brain teaser will also show who is the fastest in the group.Let’s get started and not give up on acting quickly.

If you had difficulty in finding the answer do not be disappointed as we provide the answer below:

The bone is in the beak of the  bird sitting on the branch of tht tree.

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