Only Genuises can find the differences in the two similar images of a beautiful bride?

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The two photographs appear to be totally the same, but the truth is that they are not.

Although you may not see it at first glance, there are some differences that only the most prestigious minds are able to see.

The visual challenge has been popularized on social networks. Can you overcome it?Next, you will see two photographs that have the same protagonist.

The bride is happy because her wedding day has finally arrived; However, a problem has arisen in the photographs taken on the most important date of his life.

You will have to find what the differences are between the first and second image.When you find them, pause time and check if you were finally able to break a new record by solving the visual challenge.

You will only have eight seconds to give us your answer.Could you find the errors between the images?

The 3 differences are in the shape of the bride’s veil on top, the table next to it has a different shape and the hand bracelet is hidden in the first image.

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