Only 3% of people can find the 3 differences in the two identical images

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Today we will present you a new visual challenge that only true fans of ‘El Chavo del 8’ have been able to solve. This challenge is from ‘La Chilindrina’ and what you must do is find the 3 differences in 8 seconds.

Find the 3 differences of ‘La Chilindrina’
Below you will see two baby Chilindrinas, between them there are 3 differences that must be found by you in record time. Get ready and shine in today’s visual challenge.

We hope that you have been able to successfully overcome this mental challenge that not everyone can develop in 8 seconds. If you were one of them, congratulations on your skill.

Discover the 3 differences of ‘La Chilindrina’
HERE we will reveal to you the answer to the visual challenge of ‘La Chilindrina’, it really wasn’t that difficult, you just needed to be very observant. The differences are: his tooth, navel and his diaper.

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