Spot the two differences in the image of the boy writting notes in the notebook

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Identify the unique distinction within the studying boy image within a brief 16 seconds. Can you discover the teo differences between the two pictures?

We continue preparing these thematic notebooks to work on the attention that you like so much, in this case it is the classic game of differences, with the particularity that we have included up to find the two differences and the solutions.

Try your mental skills and see if you can see them obviously.Getting involved in finding the differences in optical illusion.

We offer a nice opportunity to enlargen your eyesight memory and mental abilities. These difficult challenges use your powers of attention to detail to the puzzle, asking you to identify distinctions between two nearly similiar images.

We just hope you got pleasure in solving this optical illusion with us. If you enjoyed the puzzle, think of trying out more optical illusions like these.


Button collar and notebook stripe

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