Only 6% of people can find 6 distinctions in the images in 16 seconds

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95% couldn’t! There are 6 differences and you have 10 seconds to find them.Do you dare to achieve the goal? This visual challenge could only be solved by experts and, if you consider yourself one of the best, go ahead and complete it.


Visual challenges will help you develop your analytical capacity, in addition to improving your mental agility and stimulating visual memory.

Do you want to improve all these skills? Then, you are in the right place. Solve this visual challenge and see what level you are at.

Can you find the six differences?
The time has come to shine. For this challenge, all you will have to do is concentrate as much as possible, visualize the image that we will show you below and pay attention to each of the details. You only have 15 seconds to solve it. Are you ready?

You have 15 seconds to locate the differences. We show you the six differences.

If time passed and you couldn’t find the six differences in the visual challenge, don’t worry, here we show you the answers.

As you can see, the different objects were between the two people who were doing the outdoor adventure and also on some parts of their bodies. Tell us in the comments if you were able to locate each of them.

Solution. The beard of the man on the right end, the colour of the blouse of the man, The open  mouth of the woman dressed in red,  the brooch for hair on the left girl, the bow tie of the man on the right, the hair of the man with orange blouse.

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