Discover five distinctions within the dog lover scene in just 15 seconds.

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Visual tests are crucial for great mental ability. That is why we promote dedicating time to solving challenges, since these activities stimulate the brain.

Now, we bring you an exercise that consists of finding differences between two images in less than 16 seconds. Prepared?

We train our eyesight. Find the differences in 16 seconds.At the top, two images are presented. At first glance, both appear almost identical.

However, a more detailed observation reveals the existence of some differences between the two. All you have to do is detect those three discrepancies in just 16 seconds. Time starts right now.

Visual challenge solution. The time has arrived to its end. Have you managed to detect all the differences within the established limit?If you are still searching, you can stop now and check out the solutions provided below. The differences between the two images are the following:

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