Find 5 differences in the image of a beautiful mermaid in 5 seconds

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Difference tests are a fun form of visual testing that tests our ability to detect anomalies between two nearly identical images.

Your task is to detect three cleverly disguised differences between the images of this business man in just 17 seconds!

Time has passed!This test will test your visual acuity and observation speed in a fun but challenging environment.

These visual puzzles test our attention to detail, concentration and visual processing speed, essential skills in many areas of everyday life.

So get ready to focus your eyes and test your powers of observation.

Find differences game for children (little girl mermaid)

We publish the answer below the illustration.Those who have missed the answers should practice such tasks regularly to improve their observation skills.

Readers can match their answers with the solution provided below.The five differences between the two images are as follows

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