Don’t be afraid, it’s not difficult! Try to pass this IQ TEST and find 3 differences in 3 seconds

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Find the Difference: There are three differences between the images of ghosts in the mirror. Can you spot all the differences in 16 seconds?

Try it now!Spot the difference puzzles are a great tool for testing alertness and concentration.

In this task, readers are presented with nearly identical-looking images and their task is to find the differences between them.

Doing these tasks regularly can improve alertness and concentration in both children and adults. It also helps prevent cognitive decline in older adults.

If you find one of the differences, you can immediately mark it with a circle.
The image shows an experienced chef preparing an Italian-style dish.

The chef happily devotes himself to his favorite work and makes sure that the food he prepares is tasty. Apparently, the chef cooks in a clean, tidy kitchen.

IQ test answers.When your time is up, adjust your answer to the correct answer below. Congratulations to those of you who passed this IQ test on time.

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