Discover 5 differences in the image of a girl swimming at the sea in 15 seconds

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Your task is to compare these two similar pictures for inconsistencies and, with a keen eye, detect three differences. Start the game, and we’ll time it.

Solving such puzzles is a great exercise for the brain. Psychologists and doctors recommend searching for differences regularly to keep cognitive skills in good shape.

If you do not find the difference, then we publish the solution under the illustration below.

This task will be a tough nut to crack even for experts at solving similar “Spot the Difference” puzzles. An abundance of details – barely noticeable discrepancies… and only 29 seconds to search.

Agree, such tasks will serve as an excellent workout for your brain and test your attentiveness.

If you are tired of searching, or just want to check the answers, we have prepared a solution for you right under the picture.

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