Mom is the best cook: Just playing IQ TEST, try to find the 3 differences in the pictures in 3 seconds

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You are invited to take this IQ test by finding the differences in two pictures of a mother cooking scrambled eggs.

If you dare, read this article and follow each command to pass the IQ test. Before you begin, sit as comfortably as possible and make sure you are doing this without assistance.

Then start a timer for 15 seconds. Starting from now on!Take a look at the picture above, it shows a mother who attracts attention while cooking.

The two images look very similar at first glance, although there are differences worth noting.

You need to find 3 differences in two pictures, and all three need to be found in 15 seconds.

If you find differences, remember the answer and compare it with the correct answer below. Because time is up.

It turns out that these drawings have 3 differences:

1. Mom’s spatula is bigger

2. Different shapes of sausages

3. Different colors of the handles of my mother’s frying pan

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