Find 7 differences hidden in the image of a happy “Unicorn” in 17 seconds


There are 7 differences that you should look for in this IQ test game.

But seven differences are hidden and almost invisible. Therefore, a high concentration is required to find it.

Make sure that you have completed this IQ test honestly, without asking anyone for help.

The time starts NOW! Remember, 17 seconds is not that long. You should quickly notice the differences in the pictures.

Look at the picture above the article, there is a happy unicorn looking at the bird who is happy to see her.

You will have to look carefully at each object in the picture and immediately find the 7 differences, because time is running out.

Don’t let your guard down, there are 7 differences that you need to find right now.

Time is running out, and it’s over! 17 seconds is really very short.Now save your answer and compare it with our answer below.

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