Find the hidden difference in the image of a curious young boy sitting on a stack of books

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On our optical illusion is depicted a smart young boy, who is involved in the world of knowledge, sitting on books and engrossed in reading one of them. The figure symbolizes a continuous quest for knowledge.

However, there is something more than meets the eye. There is a slight difference, an element that diverges between two images that you will find below.

We introduce you to get involved in this visual journey to sharpen your eyesight and show your ability to see what often diaturbs the simple observer.

Try to find the difference between these two identical images in just a minute.

Just be prepared to get inside in the image. You need to conscentrate and be the intelligent young person and explore the subtle difference that surrounds the two images. Your journey begins right now!”


You have accepted the optical illusion to find the difference between two similiar images. It’s high time to reveal a detail that escaped the sharp eye.

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