Breakfast test: find three differences between pictures of a girl having breakfast in 13 seconds

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These two images of a girl having breakfast have three differences between them. Let’s see how quickly you can spot the differences.

Spot the Difference puzzles improve memory and quick thinking. They test how well you notice things and pay close attention to details, because in two almost identical images it is difficult to notice what is not the same.

If you want an enjoyable activity to pass the time while also stimulating your mind, then spot the difference puzzles are a good choice. To what extent are you able to observe what is happening? Let’s find out.

So, your task is to find three differences in the pictures. And do it in 22 seconds.

Despite its simplicity, this IQ test is also quite difficult for non-observant people.

So this test is effective to check whether you are truly observant or not.

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