Found the details? Pedal off! There are three differences hidden in the pictures – try to find them!

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This psychological test will test how quickly you can make decisions under pressure.

Two similar pictures actually differ in three details and you only have 13 seconds to find them all.

The boy is trying to ride the bicycle and in this simple, ingenuous picture, stingy with details, three obvious inconsistencies are hidden.

Try to find them under time pressure.Your 13 seconds start now.

To quickly solve such problems requires increased attention to detail. Doing such tasks regularly can improve mental health and concentration in both young and old people.Hurry up; time is running out.

Take one last look to see if you can spot any more differences.We publish the answer below the illustration.

Those who have missed the answers should practice such tasks regularly to improve their observation skills.Readers can match their answers with the solution provided above.

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