Only a keen eye and a sharp mind will find all four differences in the image of a girl

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This simple yet challenging IQ test will test your ability to see the differences between two images that are almost exactly identical.
You need to use your vision to find four differences between images that are 95 percent similar.

In this IQ test, two images of a tired girl after lifting weights will be provided.

Even though the images are almost 100 percent similar, there are actually four differences you need to look for.

Look at the images of girls working out in the gym, from left to right and from top to bottom. Look carefully at the pictures and don’t miss a single detail. Did you manage to find them all? If not, let’s show you what the differences are in the picture.

The differences are in the details of the body, the sun, the nose and finally the details of the pattern of the trousers that the girl wears during training.

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