Simon Cowell turned pale and fell out of his chair! Everybody is just shocked! The viewers cried at the little girl’s performance!

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Yesterday a touching performance on a famous talent show touched the audience’s heart and left judge Simon Cowell visibly shaken.

When the latest performance a young and very talented performer attracted the audience and delivered a breathtaking rendition of a song that attracted everyone in the room.

The performance was unbelievable that any other person had never seen on the show before.

The competition, whose name stays under wraps due to privacy concerns, commanded the stage with a soul voice and a deeply touching delivery.

The viewers quickly fell silent, spellbound by the haunting beauty of her voice.

As the performance reached its high point, Simon Cowell, famous for his critical and often strict judgments, turned pale and fell out of his chair in apparent disbelief.

How he reacted was echoed by the rest of the judging panel and the viewers, who  overcame with emotion.

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