Try to find 4 differences hidden in the image of the boy a mobile phone in the hand

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There was a girl playing with her dog. It’s so cute, but don’t lose focus just because of it.

Look at the dress, look at the laces, look at the shoes, or maybe the little details in the sky and trees behind that you didn’t check.

Your time will expire on the count of five, four, three, two, one. Your time is truly up. Make sure all the answers you find are correct.
Finding differences in pictures is one of the simplest methods of IQ TEST, which can be done while relaxing. Without spending a lot of time, you can train concentration and attentiveness.

This time the IQ TEST will involve viewing the images shown above. Within 30 seconds you should find some differences in them.

Are you ready to take the IQ TEST this time? If yes, then let’s start together.30 seconds started. Look at the difference in the two pictures.

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