Princess Kate’s recent situation is Prince William’s ‘worst nightmare’ and ‘ unbelievable hard for him’

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In January following the Princess of Wales’ “planned” surgery in January, it was that she would be taking time off from royal duties until after Easter.

Medical issues, conspiracy theories and every inch of their lives under the microscope – the Wales family have had an extremely challenging start to 2024.

Since then, Prince William has slow down his workload to be there for his family, taking care for Kate at home while also being present for their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Whether it be by doing school drop-offs and pickups or attending sports.

Prince William has been devoted to his children since Kate’s surgery.Nothing, however, would prepare the couple for what happened next: a worldwide interest in Kate’s medical history, the state of her marriage to William and wild conspiracy theories about her every move – or lack of.

In this week’s episode of A Right Royal Podcast, which you can see below, host Andrea Caamano and HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash talk about “Kate-Gate” and how it has influenced the couple.

NOTE: This episode of A Right Royal Podcast was recorded before the Princess of Wales revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Of William, Emily told why the intense interest and scrutiny during the last couple of months must have been “unbelievable hard” for him.

The last few months have been ‘incredibly hard’ for William.She says: “He lived through this with his mother when he was a young man.

And this has got to be his worst nightmare. He has done all he can to protect his kids and his wife from this. And this state must just be unbelievable hard for him to deal with.”

Later in conversation with The Daily Mirror’s royal editor, Russell Myers, who agrees that the situation has been “hugely upsetting for them both”, Emily adds that the current situation must be “triggering for him, especially in light of what his mother went through.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Russell talks about his worldwide scoop, how witout authorised member of the London Clinic tried to access the Princess’ medical records, as well as explaining why the UK press have taken the extraordianry move of publishing paparazzi images of the couple.

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