“The expressive dance of the voluptuous girl captivated users of the internet.”

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Who said that dancers must be only thin?

Who said that dancers must be only thin? Tatiana Karol proved that being full-figured or overweight is not an obstacle to dancing. Of course, this is true if one has the talent for it.

Dancing with a guy named Carlos Amescua, she focuses all the attention on herself. The partner ends up “in the shadows.” Tatyana dances brightly, freely, and passionately. In bachata, this dance born in the Dominican Republic, the main thing is improvisation and the ability to organically enrich the performance with your own elements.

The bachata pattern is not complicated: take four side steps, but emphasize the last step. The main thing is the connection, the coordination of contacts with the partner.

It seems too simple, uninteresting. But the secret is that the dancers’ emotionality, their genuine enthusiasm for the movements, paint the dance in new, vibrant colors.

At the same time, you don’t notice Tatyana’s fullness. Something else surprises you—her grace, elegance, expressiveness, and originality. The girl’s full figure becomes an asset. The fuller she is, the more impressive she looks.

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