The Youngest National Anthem Singer at the Carrier Dome

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At just three years old, Drake Grillo made history with his remarkable performance of the National Anthem at the Carrier Dome.

This extraordinary event took place during the Syracuse women’s basketball team’s annual School Day game against Niagara on December 17, 2018.

Displaying confidence beyond his years, Drake captivated over 6,000 spectators, becoming the first performer of the day to grace the stage.

His flawless rendition of the anthem showcased not only his talent but also his fearless spirit.

Drake’s performance quickly gained widespread attention after being uploaded to YouTube, amassing 5.8 million views and receiving an outpouring of praise.

One viewer commented, “Wonderful! He had the melody down as well as the words. I know adults who stumble over the words! Well done little brave heart!”

Watch the video below to witness the heartwarming performance of Drake Grillo, the youngest National Anthem singer at the Carrier Dome.

Brave toddler agrees to sing national anthem before crowd, only to have 6,000 people on their feet… Video in the comments 🇺🇸💙

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