After a span of 14 years, the woman delivered quadruplets who bear striking resemblance to each other. This is their current appearance.


After 14 years, a woman gave birth to quadruplets who look alike: This is how the girls look like.

Multiple pregnancies are rare occurrences, with the probability of having twins at only 2%, and the chances of having quadruplets calculated to be one in several tens of millions.

But miracles happen. Fourteen years ago, during her first ultrasound, Julia discovered that she was carrying four embryos in her womb simultaneously.

The situation was complicated because the children were developing in the same placenta, and there was no guarantee of their health at birth.

Julia was even advised to terminate the pregnancy, but she firmly refused.

After a C-section, it turned out that all the girls were healthy, although two of them initially had low birth weights, which quickly normalized.

The most remarkable thing was not just that Julia gave birth to quadruplets, but that all four girls bore an astonishing resemblance to each other.

This resemblance has persisted over time, and the girls are constantly being mistaken for one another.

People around them are always fascinated by the unusual family and often try to find differences between the girls, which are hardly present. They even wear identical glasses.

The girls themselves are happy with their situation, as their similar appearance has brought them popularity.

They have already received offers for collaborations with several clothing brands.

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