Only genuises can find the two cats in this image of a family scene

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In a TikTok video posted by @HecticNick, a family is depicted lounging in their living room with the caption, “Spot two hidden cats.”

Nick claims that only one percent of viewers can locate both felines in the image and challenges viewers to find them.

The scene shows a man reading a newspaper, his wife in a chair, and their daughter playing on the floor. Despite the clear depiction of the family members, finding the concealed cats might require extra effort.

In the comments, opinions vary, with some claiming to only see one cat while others boast of finding both.

The challenge is part of a trend of online puzzles and optical illusions, including one where viewers have 20 seconds to identify a second animal camouflaged in the branches.

The creator encourages viewers to flip their phones if they’re having difficulty seeing the hidden creature.

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