A compassionate woman saves a baby deer found sleeping under a tire by leaving a note.

In our area of the United States, it’s wise to regularly check around and under your car to ensure no wildlife has taken shelter. When a compassionate woman spotted a baby deer napping under someone else’s car tire, she decided to take action.

She wanted to alert the car’s owner about the deer, so she posted on Facebook, which quickly gained attention.

Responses ranged from heartfelt to humorous. Joshua Kevin Nye’s comment stood out as the most popular:

“You know it was an elderly woman, but how? Why didn’t she just leave a message instead of telling you there was a darn deer under the tire? I need clarification!”

Another person humorously hoped the driver could read, implying some drivers’ lack of literacy based on their driving skills.

Cyntha Atkinson expressed gratitude for the woman’s act:

“Thank you for leaving the note, kind woman.”

Thank you, Cyntha. It’s admirable when people choose to make a difference instead of just carrying on with their lives.

What would you have done? Left a note, continued with your day, or tried to coax the deer out from under the car?

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