The coach took action to address his players’ disrespect during the national anthem. Teaching moments like these can have a profound impact on athletes, instilling respect and understanding for important symbols and traditions.

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Coaching basketball starts long before you handle the ball—it begins with instilling respect and gratitude for the opportunity to play, recognizing that the freedom to do so was safeguarded by those who sacrificed education and fought wars.

The practice of singing the national anthem before major sporting events has turned into a form of show business.

While it’s fine for artists like Lady Gaga to perform it, it’s important for young athletes to understand the significance behind it and why they should show respect.

The lesson taught by Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams to his players is truly moving. He’s an awesome coach, doing a great job.

Singing the national anthem before major sporting events has evolved into a spectacle of show business. Watch the video below.

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