“Nobody attends 6-year-old’s birthday celebration, but when the mom shares a photo, the community rallies around.”

Teddy’s father expressed his disappointment to the New York Post, stating, “I was really disappointed that Teddy’s classmates didn’t show up an hour into the party, especially since having them there meant a lot to him.” To lift his spirits, the parents attempted to entertain him with arcade games.

Sia captured a photo of Teddy and shared it online to raise awareness about situations like this, but she didn’t anticipate the image of the saddened Teddy going viral. She later regretted sharing it due to the overwhelming attention it received.

Numerous people sent birthday wishes and gifts to Teddy after seeing the photo, including the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Rising MLS team, who invited the family to their games.

Only one parent who didn’t attend the party reached out to apologize to Sia.

Despite the disappointment, this story serves as a reminder for greater thoughtfulness and consideration towards others.

You can find more details about the story in the video below.

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