The girl escaped from the expensive city life and built herself a tiny house of 13.5 square meters.

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A girl escaped from the expensive city life and built herself a tiny house of 13.5 m².

Lee Pera, a geographer and a builder by calling, got tired of the high cost of living in Washington. This led her to the decision to create her cozy 13.5m² home, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Despite having no experience working with tools since childhood, Lee relearned the craft, as she did most of the work herself.

In addition to the structure of the house, Lee also created many pieces of furniture, as standard options did not fit the dimensions. Everything from wardrobes to kitchen furniture was crafted by her skilled hands.

The interior is decorated in a unique style. Initially drawing inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics, Lee decided to add a personal touch, making the space bright and distinctive. Botanical patterned wallpaper, vibrant colors, and textures give the house individuality, while a cozy bedroom in the loft provides privacy.

“I especially like my bedroom. It’s cozy but not overwhelming, thanks to several windows. Waking up and seeing the branches of trees, then looking down at the living room, realizing that all of this was created by my own hands—it’s a special feeling,” says Lee.

Despite its modest size, Lee’s house has everything necessary for comfort: a living room, kitchen, bedroom, workspace, and even a bathroom.

However, as she admits, to keep the house from looking cluttered, things need to be constantly tidied up.

Lee has become one of the pioneers in the tiny house movement. Now she travels, sharing her experience and encouraging people to live eco-friendly and frugal lives.

How do you feel about such a cozy little home? Could you picture yourself there? Share your thoughts!

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