A parent’s heartbreaking decision: Forced to remove life support from their 13-year-old daughter after a tragic incident at a sleepover.

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Australian Ally Langdon struggled to hide her sorrow as she interviewed a mother and father who had to make the heartbreaking decision to end the life of their child, who was just 13 years old.

Langdon, herself a mother, fought to hold back tears as she witnessed the young girl’s passing due to the dangerous trend of chroming, which has become prevalent.

“Yes.” “We need to increase efforts to ensure that young people receive information firsthand, rather than relying on friends or social media.

This way, they can receive accurate advice from the start.” Paul aims to educate parents to improve their children’s lives and potentially save them.

He emphasizes the importance of parents initiating conversations with their children, as they may not be aware of what’s happening otherwise. Since 2009, numerous children have died in Australia and other parts of the world due to the alarming trend of chroming.

Chroming, a method of inhaling volatile substances, can lead to organ failure, seizures, heart attacks, suffocation, and sudden death. It has become popular among young people seeking a quick high.

Paul shared with Langdon the haunting images and emotional trauma experienced when dealing with this issue, emphasizing the devastating impact it has had.

It’s unimaginably difficult for families to make the decision to remove their children from life support. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haynes family and all those close to Esra.

By raising awareness about the risks associated with this trend, we can potentially help parents save their children’s lives. Please share this story with everyone you know.

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