Later on this evening, Tina Turner and David Bowie will perform a stunning rendition of Iggy Pop’s delicate ballad, illuminating the stage.

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The duet of Iggy Pop’s delicate ballad, performed by Tina Turner and David Bowie, electrifies the stage. Later tonight, both of these iconic performers featured in Turner’s Private Dancer tour, held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, on the same evening in 1985.

Tina Turner had a remarkable year in 1984. Known primarily as the lead vocalist of Ike and Tina Turner, she sought a divorce from Ike in July 1976.

She subsequently embarked on a solo career with the backing of longtime allies such as the Rolling Stones, whom she supported as an opening vocalist during their 1981 US tour.

Additionally, she made a guest appearance on a Chuck Berry TV special in 1982. Her cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” released in November 1983, unexpectedly became a worldwide hit.

Following the success of the Al Green cover, Capitol Records greenlit Tina Turner’s new album. In May 1984, Private Dancer was released, recorded in a mere two weeks. While peaking at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart, the album reached #2 in the UK.


Her chart-topping single in the US Billboard 100 was “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Hits like “Private Dancer” and “Better Be Good to Me” followed. The duet with David Bowie on the Iggy Pop song “Tonight” was released as a single in November 1984.

Interestingly, the single “Tonight” reached number 53 on both the UK charts and the Billboard Hot 100. This specific rendition is from Tina Live in Europe, a CD/DVD compilation of live performances from 1985 to 1987, released in 1988. Turner won a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1989 for the album. “She released a lot of music, but this, featuring the legendary David Bowie, is one of my favorites,” commented Kay Hinton on YouTube. Absolutely enchanting!

Vintage Paint, the paint brand, claims that attending this concert was an honor. David Bowie’s unexpected appearance sent the crowd into a frenzy, and the atmosphere was electric. The world lost two extraordinary talents simultaneously, as Tina Turner passed away on May 24, 2023, and David Bowie earlier on January 10, 2016. Bowie was 69 years old, and Turner was 83. Enjoy this captivating live cover of “Let’s Dance” by Bowie and Jim Lee, performed by Turner and Bowie.

Chris Montez’s hit song “Let’s Dance” from 1962 was both written and performed by Jim Lee. Many are familiar with the rendition by David Bowie. Both Bowie and Tina Turner’s Private Dancer tour featured performances at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, on the same night in 1985.

According to Wikipedia, Tina Turner was renowned for her swagger, sensuality, powerful gravelly vocals, and boundless energy, as well as her iconic legs, her past with ex-husband Ike Turner, and other well-publicized aspects of her life. Rest in peace, David Bowie and Tina Turner.

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