The celebrity’s 3-year-old son tragically passes away following a devastating accident in the river.

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Spencer Wright, a renowned rodeo cowboy, tragically lost his young son Levi Wright. Levi, a three-year-old boy, passed away following a near-drowning incident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Levi was transported to a hospital in Salt Lake City after accidentally driving a toy tractor into a river near his family’s residence.

Approximately a mile downstream, local authorities discovered Levi unconscious. Despite initial assessments suggesting he was brain dead and unlikely to survive, Levi began showing signs of improvement. “LEVI AWAKENED!” his mother Kallie Wright exclaimed on Facebook, expressing hope and gratitude for his resilience.

However, subsequent MRI results were discouraging, indicating a dire prognosis. “We are shattered, but it’s merely images depicting a certain way of life,” Kallie remarked.

The following days were critical as Levi’s condition hung in the balance, prompting an outpouring of prayers from family and friends. On June 2, Kallie shared heartbreaking news, revealing that despite their fervent hopes and efforts, Levi’s condition hadn’t improved significantly.

“Levi only gave us glimpses to grant us time,” she wrote, acknowledging his desire to cling to life despite overwhelming odds. Ultimately, Levi’s family made the difficult decision to remove life support after extensive consultations and examinations.

The following day, family friend Mindy Sue Clark announced Levi’s passing on Facebook, reflecting on the anguish and the miracles witnessed during his final days. Despite the profound sorrow, memories of Levi’s joyful spirit and the unity he inspired brought solace to his loved ones.

Amidst the grief, the Wright family remains in the thoughts and prayers of many during this incredibly challenging time.

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