Unclean hummingbird feeders can pose a fatal threat to hummingbirds.

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Having bird feeders in your yard can attract beautiful birds like hummingbirds. However, it’s important to regularly clean hummingbird feeders, as dirty feeders can be harmful to them. According to the World of Hummingbirds, feeders should be cleaned every three days to prevent mold and mildew from developing in the nectar.

Hummingbirds have small organs, making them very vulnerable to food contamination. Discolored or slimy nectar indicates it’s time to clean the feeder.

To clean it, disassemble the feeder, discard the nectar, and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Use a small scrub brush and mild soap to ensure no residue remains.

Once cleaned, allow the feeder to dry completely before refilling it with fresh nectar. Following this routine helps keep hummingbirds safe and healthy.

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