My daughter completely forgot about my 90th birthday, so I spent it alone until the doorbell rang.

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“All of them were expected to arrive, but Angie isn’t returning my calls. I genuinely don’t know what happened, but I have no doubt she will call me soon,” I remarked.

“The least she could have done was drop off the kids; I’m not sure what’s going on with her. I’m going to call her,” John urged.

To my astonishment, Angie answered when John called her. Later, John would explain to me why my daughter bailed on my birthday.

John continued, looking a little angry, “So, it turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are all on vacation.”

“Trip? Did she not inform anyone about it? Did she simply just go away? Why would she act in such a way?” I inquired.

“Patty, your guess is as good as mine. How can she get away with taking my kids and not saying a word to me?” John answered.

“Oh no, that’s wrong. This is really disappointing,” I replied, completely perplexed.

“She had made a casual reference, but an entire vacation? Additionally, it looks like they had been organizing everything for a month or so. I apologize, Patty, but I think your daughter went a bit too far this time,” John replied in an irritated tone.

“Yes, this is disappointing,” I uttered regretfully.

I was completely unprepared for this news, which left a wound in my heart. Angie could have at least informed me that she wouldn’t be available. After speaking with Angie for a short while, I asked her to come see me as soon as she could with the kids. She didn’t want to annoy me, but it was too late. I will always love her as my daughter, but I was really upset.

Thank goodness John was there to ease the pain. But I was extremely hurt by what my daughter did. Right now, I’m not sure how to trust her. How should I have responded in this situation?

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