The final act of kindness by a little girl before tragically ending her life on the playground.

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A memorial service in memory of Aurora will take place on Saturday, June 8, at a nearby church. The family expressed their deep sorrow, stating, “Our hearts are broken, and we are continuing the journey to honor and celebrate her gifts.”

Aurora, who hailed from Fort Collins, was playing in her family’s garden when the accident occurred. She had moved her small plastic slide near a disc swing and somehow got her neck entangled in the ropes while sliding down.

This tragic incident resulted in her brain being deprived of oxygen. Doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora delivered the devastating news that she would not survive.

Despite the tragedy, the Masters family found comfort in the support of their extended family, with 19 members traveling from Wyoming and Nebraska to be with Aurora. “We understand the power of family,” said her aunt Kennedy.

Aurora passed away on May 13. The family has struggled to understand how the accident happened, as it occurred while she was innocently playing outside on her own. Her aunt Kennedy explained, “She brought her little plastic slide over to where her swing was and somehow got tangled in the swing, and the swing choked her.”

Tom Masters shared how Aurora had brought joy back into his life when she was born. “She arrived at a time when I was struggling mentally,” he told the Denver Post. “There was something almost magical about her. I’ve heard stories that she had that effect on everyone.” He continued, “She simply had fun, went around, and shared her light with everyone freely.”

Krystal hopes that Aurora’s story will encourage other families to cherish every moment with their children. “To parents, I would say: Love your child every minute, have a dance party, and embrace life. Because you never know when it will be taken away.”

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