Absolutely, it’s a heartbreaking situation. Rick Harrison and his family are going through an incredibly difficult time. Sending thoughts of comfort and strength to them during this period of mourning.

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Rick Harrison, the well-known figure from the reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” is currently grieving. His son, Adam Harrison, tragically passed away at the age of 39 due to a drug overdose. This heartbreaking news was confirmed by Laura Herlovich, Rick’s spokesperson, to The Las Vegas Review Journal.

The Clark County Coroner’s office determined that Adam’s death was accidental, caused by a mix of fentanyl and methamphetamine. This highlights the growing concern over fentanyl-related deaths in the United States, with a staggering 73,654 reported in 2022 alone according to the CDC, more than double the number from 2019.

While Adam was not a regular on “Pawn Stars,” he occasionally worked at the family pawn shop, Gold & Silver Pawn, which is prominently featured on the show. In a statement, Laura Herlovich requested privacy for the Harrison family as they cope with their loss. Rick Harrison took to Instagram to share a touching tribute, stating, “You will always be in my heart! I love you Adam.”


Rick’s eldest son, Corey Harrison, also expressed his love for his brother through social media, sharing cherished memories. TMZ initially reported Adam’s passing, and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

In a statement to FOX News Digital, Rick Harrison confirmed that Adam’s death was due to a fentanyl overdose. He underscored the urgent need to address the fentanyl crisis and criticized the lack of effective measures to curb the distribution of this deadly drug.

Understanding the lethal potency of fentanyl, the Drug Enforcement Administration notes that just 2 milligrams, equivalent to less than a grain of salt, can be fatal. As Rick Harrison and his family mourn Adam’s loss, their experience serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of the fentanyl epidemic.

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