Spot quickly an anomaly or error in the image, often related to placement, arrangement, or a detail that doesn’t fit or is out of place.

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Identify the mistake in this family’s dining room photo within just 11 seconds! Test your observation skills today.


In only 11 seconds, locate the mistake in this family’s dining room photo!

Brain teasers are puzzles or tasks that require critical thinking and engage your mind in an enjoyable way. They are like mini-games that test your creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Brain teasers are popular because they serve as mental exercises, keeping your mind sharp and analytical by pushing you to think creatively.

In these brain teasers, the challenge is to spot the mistake in a picture.People of all ages enjoy solving these puzzles.So, here’s a challenging brain teaser for you.

A family is seated at the dining table in the image above. On the dinner table are spoons, plates, and a bird. You have eleven seconds to find the mistake in this image!

Tip: Pay close attention to every detail in the image.These puzzles are both fun and challenging.The countdown to find the mistake starts now!Ready, Set, Go:

Did you spot the mistake?
These types of puzzles test your visual acuity and are challenging in their own right.

For the best experience with these puzzles, try to identify the mistake without looking at the answer.

Have you found the mistake?Hurry! You have only 11 seconds left.Time’s up!Congratulations to those who found the mistake.

If you haven’t found it yet, scroll up again, closely examine the image, and try to spot the mistake without using a timer.

Are you curious about the solution to this puzzle?Here’s how this puzzle is solved.Solution:The two sides of the glasses are not identical. One side has an oval shape, while the other side has a rectangular shape.

Hope you enjoyed this brain teaser.

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