A heroic act. An emotional story about firefighters who saved the calf facing a death experience


Firefighters  saved a calf  which was in 20 feet well. The calf was drowning  and it was very  dangerous for the calf’s life.The calf was from  Massachusetts. It has to be grateful to these firefighters. The calf had faced  frightening death experience.Due to the group of first responders the calf  was saved. The calf  was saved but it was in unbelievable serious danger of drowning.

The Medway Fire Department downloaded the images from a technical animal saving where they were to pull out  the calf out of a 20 feet well.

There is no  typical day in the fire service.The  members of Medway Fire Department Group 3 people  executed a technical animal saving at a  farm, after a calf fell into a 20 foot deep well and was in serious danger of drowning.

Fortunately, firefighters with members of the Medway Police Department could save the calf.

Due to  the first responders the calf returned to the herd. It could spent all the rest days with other calves.

It is not a typical  and usual working day. It  makes the job so interesting. Thanks to these good and immediate work the calf is now alive.

Thanks everyone who were included in rescueing this calf’s life. It was a rebirth for the calf.

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