PHOTOS. A heartwarming story about a dog that yields his doghouse for the cat to give birth


A kind and sweethearted pit bull gives his doghouse to a  unsheltered and pregnant  cat. It also looks after the cat until the cat gives birth.

The name of the dog is Hades. He also has a family. He lives in Mexico. Pit bulls are so soft-hearted and cute dogs. They give help to the people whom they love and they will do anything to give hand.

The name of his father isJuan Flores. Juan Flores helps the ones who are always in need of help.  In the neighbor hood he saw a roaming cat .Once he made a decision to give  the dog something to eat in order it did not stay thirsty and hungry.

Hades  and a tiny cute kitten became friends. After that this cute dog noticed that the cat doesn’t have a shelter and suggested his doghouse as a secure  place for her.

Once Hades was so noisy at the backyard that Flores went to see what had happened. This wonderful and sweethearted dog had a desire to show Flores something in the doghouse. An unsheltered cat was inside the doghouse. The cat was sitting there on soft and cosy blankets.

The soft-hearted dog wanted his father knew that there was a unsheltered and pregnant cat inside his doghouse. He looked after and took care of the cat which was giving birth to her two kittens.

He also kept an eye on the doghouse. The name of the cat was Nicol. The name of the cat was given by the family.  Nowadays the kittens are feeling good and healthy.

This story of the sweetheart dog and  homeless cat  spreads in the  social media so rapidly. The dog’s kind behaviour was really praised. Flores shared the story  so that  other people began to know pit bulls as soft-hearted, devoted and loving  dogs.

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