The mother of babe foal left him but very soon he finds a loving and caring family at the Donkey sanctuary


The mother of baby foal left  him. Very soon he found a lovely family at the Donkey sanctuary.  The name of the mother donkey is Millie.

Millie was  weak and pregnant when people brought him to the sanctuary.  The members of Donkey sanctuary were there near him when he was giving birth to her baby foal.

When the baby foal was born, the mother of the donkey was so upset and indifferent to baby foal. She just left him and refused to take care of her baby foal. The name of baby foal was Ben.  The baby foal was intricate being left alone without his mother.

The members of the Donkey sanctuary staff were doing everything possible, but it was useless. The stuff even tried to connect tightly the mother donkey and babe donkey but it was useless,either.

Beginning from the first day when foal was in the sanctuary the staff was always beside the foal trying to help with what they can. The foal  was even fed and trained with the  bottle by  the staff members.

But the babe foal wanted his mother’s care and love. He also needed to have a social life. It was clear that he had a shortage of seeing her mother.

The sanctuary  staff  decided to introduce the baby foal to aunt Jingle. Aunt Jungle  reared her own foal.

They were in a good relationship with each other. The baby foal started to develop  and feel well due to the care and love of aunt Jingle. Baby foal got a model of mother in his life.

Nowadays Ben  baby foal was three years old. The sanctuary staff takes care of the donkey. The donkey is brave and free. He is lively and so happy as he is with other donkeys. The donkeys formed his family.

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