A heroic act. A man on his way to an amazing park saves a cat on the full road


When a man was walking to Danga Bay which is famous as an amazing park in Malaysia. He noticed by accident a wandering cat on a busy and full main road.

A hero man from Singapore decided to save cat’s life after moving past a full road. The cat was shievering from severe cold so the man and his child made a decision to rescue the cat.

The cat was in a danger and was in a full road. The man put a stop to his car to save the animal in need of help.

The cat was so frightened that it concealed under the passenger seat when the family took him to the vet.

Due to his heroic action the cat was rescued and continues to lead a happy life. He was reborn. When the vet examined the cat he discovered that the cat’s leg was broken. He had many injures on his body. He had blisters and his paws were in blood.

The cat had to be healed. After getting better the cat was adopted by a cute and wonderful family in Malaysia.

Everybody needs to save and give hands animals in need of help. By helping animals we give warmth, care and love to them. Animals really need help and support of human beings.

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