A wandering dog was sad and weeping all night and the shelter makes a decision to share her photo as a last expectation


High Plains Humane Society has a purpose to support wandering and left dogs. They are fond of helping the sick and the faint.


People who like  pets put and share photos on the social media in order that people were informed about how many dogs still in need of help and encouraging. Those unsheltered animals lack love and care.

At one occasion they took a photo of a left and wrecked dog.People who noticed the picture were really excited.

In this photo there is a dog in the box. He is looking out of the box in despair hoping that somebody will adopt him.

His ambition is to have a constantly home.  Many people who are fond of animals, seeing the dog they could not be indifferent to the dog and they loved the dog.

The significant and ill-treated eyes called many people to adopt him.

And certeinly many people showed compassion for  adopting this dog. There were many people a woman was chosen to be the owner of the dog.

The dog was happy and healthy while living with this woman  after  a time passed.

Every dog is worth living life better and given love and care. We see it as the shelter’s achievements.



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