The three dogs were left abandoned in a hopeless state after their caring owner passed away


The three dogs named Fred, Ethel and Ricky were left abandoned in the streets as a garbage. Unluckily, their caring owner passed away.

The dogs were left in despair. The trio looked weak and hopeless. Not having someone to take care of them, they were left all alone. They were in front of the house for 18 months.

The dogs were waiting for their owner to return. When the rescue group called “Hope for paws” came, the staff members were feeling sorry for the innocent dogs.

They looked as beggars. The staff members were ready to help and do everything possible for the comfort of the dogs.

The trio was wandering near the house. The dogs behaved as if they did not want to leave the house. As they felt that the rescuers were there to help them, the dogs calmed down.

The rescuers took the three dogs to a shelter. The dogs are safe and sound now.  They have a foster family that looks after them.They are looking forward to having their forever home. The miserable life of the dogs changed abruptly for the better.

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