PHOTOS. An earless cat which was being cured at last finds a forever home and coincidently finds a close friend


Here is a cat named Potato. He is extraordinary cat with earless. The cat is from China. It lived in the terrace, before a native shelter saved the cat.



The cat Potato’s saving people noticed necessitous cat in a awful circumstances, he was ill and left alone for 2 years and had a very seldom cancerous growth called ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and ear flaps.

After trying to take away the adenoma, the veterinarians gave an advice to take away the cat’s canals and flaps completely after the cancer came back so that to put a stop to it from returning.

Gratefully,the cat was recently being cured rather well and was able to find a forever home and a new close friend named Harlic.


The cute cat’s new owners stated that on Instagram that although the cat does not have both ears, he is able to hear up to this time.

The cat Potato was a homeless cat, so no one knows the date of this cat’s birth or how old he is.

Nevertheless, they just think that he the earless cat is 6 years old. The cat Potato was adopted on 25th of April. The cat’s owners made a decision to commemorate the cat’s birthday on that special day of adoption of the cat.

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