A stray and pregnant dog whose name was Mia was wounded by a car accident. She was left alone and abondened for nearly a week.


Wondering dogs frequently have to do with many problems. The most terrible thing that can occur to roaming dogs is smashed into many problems.

Frequently the roaming animals can suffer the loss of their lives in many accidents, but the roaming dogs can also  be damaged and have wounds.

In this story a roamimg dog was smashed ingo a car. The name of the dog was Mia. The car hit the roaming dog while the dog was strolling in the terrace. Because of this incident he was badly injured. Her leg was hurt.

What frightened the dog was that the roaming dog was pregnant and when this accident happened the dog was looking for food.

Luckily Mia was rescued by  a kind-hearted girl named Alina. She helped the dog in need of help.

She brought the roaming do to the veterinarian where the suffering dog will be safe and sound. The animal doctors  noticed that the dog was prrgnant.

The vets understood that there was a liitle time to rescue the roaming dog. They did everything quickly to cure the dog and so that the dog was healthy enough to look after his newborn puppies.

In this case the suffering dog had a difficulty in recovering and improvment of health as her leg was hurt and her ankel was in disorder.

A serious surgery was needed to cure her. Luckily with the curing of animal doctor could overcome all health problems.

The roaming dog  was fortuntely cured and could use his both injured legs. We are very pleased that  at last we were able to see this family so safe and sound  and also very happy.

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