PHOTOS. A saved kangaroo hugs non stop the people who rescued her. This cute creature is even famous as a “hugging kangaroo”


Here is Abigail,which is  also famous as a  ‘the hugging kangaroo.’  The kangaroo is a  very thankful, loving and devoted rescued kangaroo.

The volunteers saved the kangaroo when she was 5 years old and she was taken to Central Australia,  to the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs.

This case happened 15 years ago and from this time on the hugging kangaroo is the “queen of Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs”.

You notice that at the time many saved kangaroos pass their time strolling across the sanctuary searching food and getting pleasure,the kangaroo Abigail is dissimiliar.

She adores to dedicate time to spread hugs to those caretakers and the kind-hearted people who rescued her. Her giving hugs is lovely, sincere and warm.

She begins her everyday routine first with a hug and nobody was able to fancy what life looked like before this warm hugs.

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