True and devoted friends. Once the old woman rescued the dog’s life and now the dog saves her life


Dogs are true friends and never forget what people did for them. They help people in a lot of difficulties and mess. They do their job well in helping people who need special care and eork in the military.

The pets can help people just with everyday activities living with them. They give a colour and happiness to the family members and house they live in. That is why many people save dogs and adopt them.

In this story a dog saved the life of his owner. The name of the owner was Gwendola Johnson. The dog was named Sandy. The puppy is a loyal and devoted dog and never leaves his owner’s side all day long.

This dog is a real hero and true friend and relative to this woman. As once it did everything to help the woman in need of help.

It was a warm and sunny day. The woman went for a walk outdoors. Suddenly she walked on something strange. Luckily ahe was not injured. The old woman simple fell over. She could not get up and needed some help.

There was a man who was strolling. The woman tried to call him but useless the man did not listen or notice as the woman was on the ground lying.

The dog Sandy went and called the passing stranger to help his owner. He did this through the means of barking and doing things to attract the man’s attention to the fallen owner.

The man noticed that the anxiety and loud barking of the dog is  a sign that something had occured. He felt that the dog wanted to take him to somewhere. The man made a decision to chase the dog. When the dog brought the certain place where the woman lay on the ground waiting for a helping hand.

Let’s share this story which spreads love and care. Due to the immediate response of the dog the woman was rescued. Due to the dog and strange man the woman is safe and sound.



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