Video. A devoted cat comes to his former owner’s graveyard daily. He can not imagine and get used to new life without his owner


An cat from Italy named Toldo was saved early when he was a simple tiny kitten. Toldo was connected with his owner named Renzo till the end of his  owner’s life. The old owner died a few years ago. The owner and the cat were in a tight bond.

When the owner died the cat came to his gravr every day.  From that time the cat  has come to his owner’s  gravestone and took with him tiny gifts. The presents are sticks, leaves, cups and papers.

Every day the cat Toldo is seen roaming across graveyard all day long. The neighbours notice this. Renzo’s widow named Ada said that somebody told that the cat Toldo was in the cemetry early in the morning.

All that it began from the time of burial, the tiny cat  came after the casket from the house to burial place.

Renzo’s son noticed that the cat used to guard the graveyard. The cat even brought a branch of acacia. Ada the wife of the owner said that his husband and the cat were connected so warmly and their bond is very unyielding.

The feline has been with his husband since he  was a kitten. Unluckily there are people who make an effort to shoo the cat away. The people even think that the presence of the cat in the graveyard is impolite and uncivil to the dead. There are people who throw something on the poor cat.

Here is the touching video of a devoted cat:

The cat is so devoted to his owner that he still stays and visits his owner’s gravestone without thinking of being beaten or shooed away.

The wife of the owner even said her husband was fond of animals very much and adored the cat Toldo. That is why the cat does not want to leave the gravestone and expresses his thankfulness in this way. The cat is unique and is loved and taken care of by the family.

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