Discover 10 distinctions in thr magic cat in 10 seconds


The exercises of finding differences between two drawings are suitable for enhancing visual perception and attention in people.

These types of activities reinforce children’s knowledge and can be carried out by anybody.

Such kind of activities of trying to find the distinctions in the two similiar images help people concentrate on the subject

These kind of optical illusions sharpen person’s mind and focus on details.Surely everyone has played to find the differences in a drawing at some point, whether in the newspaper or in a hobby magazine.

All of us, without knowing it, have in this way enhanced our selective attention and our capacity for visuospatial perception.

Finding the difference is an excellent exercise for reinforcing and developing the mental skills of our little ones. From here I encourage you to give him the opportunity to do this type of activity at least once or twice a week.

Keep in mind that the drawings in which you are encouraged to find the differences are a classic exercise to work on attention and visual perception.

It is about comparing two drawings between which the elements that distinguish them must be found.

In this type of activity, the skill of ordered comparison is exercised so as not to leave any detail unchecked.

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