PHOTOS. A hero cat. A visionless dog and his cute helping cat are inseparable duo which are adopted together


These friends the kitten and the dog are a true example of care and forever friendship that can cure everything. A dog named Spike is a mixture of different breeds of dog and a cat named Max are close friends that are tightly connected.


They are uncomparable combination but refresh our memory to get pleasure in life and be always close to the people whom we are fond of.

A visionless dog and a cat leading him yield to Alberta animal shelter which was adopted to Manitoba. Unfortunately, the previous owners of the dog and cat were not able to look after them and that is why brought them to the Saving Grace Animal Society shelter in Alberta in Canada.

One of the members of the shelter Amanda McClughan giving a speech told CBC News that the cat and the dog had been living outdoors and gathered so near to each other in order to be warm, which is the fact how their frank friendship began.

This cute dog named Spike had many terrible cataracts because of which he became visionless. The cat Max is not only leading the dog everywhere but also the cat helps the dog in everything that he needs.

The cat Max gives convinence and help to the dog. He calms the dog even keeps his anxiety in a low level. The lovely dog and cat are put on adoption as they want a forever home.

This duo must be adopted together as they are considered to be always unseperable and always together.Max so cheerful and he always spreads laughs and positive mood.

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