PHOTOS. A team of rescuers noticed a weak dog which was on the edge of dying, luckily they acted quickly and could save him


It is difficult to think that there was a dog in such state. The dog was without hair, ill and hungry. The dog was seen by Stephanie Smith-Justus in the Virginia street. That is where the puppy lives. Although it was obvious that the puppy was pasing away the moment the man saw him.

Luckily, Stephanie is a vet and can help the dog as many dogs were saved in a regular way by him. When Stephanie took the dog, it was obvious that the dog was rescued in a short time he would recover.

He found the puppy on May 7, in 2015. He was seen by a neighbour who came to the vet and told about the dog which was in horrible state.

The dog was left alone and was not looked after. He suffered from serious illness which came from his mom. The dog was immediately taken to hospital and examined.

When the vet touched him he cried as he was in pain all his body was infected. He cried but he could not even bite. He was without energy and very weak.

He had a bacterial infection. He lost his weigh, hair and liquids. He was in ICU for 50 days. He was treated for several time and he went several surgeries. He had problems of eating but after many attempts his state got better atep by step.

Nowdays the dog is named after the street it has lived and now he lives there, too. He overcame many difficulties and still survives and fights for his life. He is taken to a vet every week. He has his favourite toy now.

He became playful and healthy. He is just enjoying his life now.Due to the rescuers now the dog is living his life fully.

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