Only 1%of people can find the 10 differences in 17 seconds


Why are these internet reviews popular? It is increasingly common to see visual challenges on social networks and it is because in a short time they test you and reinforce your logical reasoning.

To be able to perform this exercise, it is important that you stay away from all distractions and comply with the instructions. Ready to start?

You will locate the 5 differences of the challengeAt first glance the image is the same, but that is totally false, since there are 5 things that make them different.

Which are? You will have to discover it, because only then will you be considered a true ‘GENIUS’. You have less than 15 seconds to give the answer.

How did it go? With all our hearts we hope that you were able to overcome this visual challenge, but if the opposite happened, then you have to try harder and keep practicing because this way you will be able to pass this type of test.

Find the inequalities of the challenge!
If you reached this part of the note it is because you want to know how close you were to overcoming the visual challenge.

Next, we will help you identify all the differences that exist between the two images. You will see that the test was not as difficult as it seemed.


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