A scared dog was noticed frozen in the rain all wet and starving from hunger


The puppy was starving from hunger and thirst. He was all wet under the rain. The dog was strolling outdoors. He felt severe cold. Unluckily, the dog was neglected by many people.

It was clear that the dog ate only soil and rocks to live. The time the savers came to see the dog they immediately took the puppy to the veterinarian.

The dog was frightened and he was luckily healthy. He was cured at animal clinic. The dog was named Dymka. 15 ticks were taken out of the puppie’s body.

Step by step the state of the dog got better and he began to move his tail. He was also very sociable and playful with other dogs.

Here he is loved and all the members of the staff say that he lives his life fully. He is now just enjoying his life. Due to this kind people he has a second chance to live his life and enjoy every moment spent with other dogs in the shelter.

We hope he will soon be adopted and have a loving family. He deserves this.

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